Securities Expert Witness On Due Diligence Part 1

In DUE DILIGENCE: SECURITIES APPLICATIONS AND REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS, 2011, securities expert witness Douglas J. Schulz writes:

INTRODUCTION This article is to inform and assist the individual or entity who is claiming that their securities professional and firm failed in their duty to conduct thorough, proper investigation and research, commonly known as “due diligence”. Investment professionals, regulators and lawyers often inappropriately use the term due diligence, which causes confusion in both the implementation of “due diligence” work and later in the attempt to ferret out the regulatory requirements under the rules relating to due diligence. The term “due diligence” has applications in numerous investment products and services. It is of the utmost importance that all practitioners fully understand their obligations and liabilities as it relates to this investigative research guideline and rule.

Mr. Schulz has been in the securities business professionally for 33 years and has been hired over 1,100 times as a securities expert.

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