Second Career As Expert Witness Not for Everyone

A career as an expert witness can be monetarily rewarding but it is not for everyone states Rosalie Hamilton of Expert Communications, a business development firm for expert witnesses. Hamilton wants those who are considering becoming an expert witness as a second career to realize that “litigation is a high-stress production…Getting grilled in deposition, and then cross-examined in court before a judge and jury, can redefine stress!” As reported in eMediaWire:

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, an expert witness is a person who through education or experience has developed skill or knowledge in a particular subject, so that he or she may form an opinion that will assist the fact-finder. Fortunately, most of the work of an expert consultant is prior to or exclusive of courtroom testimony. Experts are used to investigate, evaluate, educate, or render an opinion, in written and/or oral format — activities that assist attorneys, insurers, judges, and juries to determine the facts in a claim, lawsuit, or other dispute. And some expert consultants confine themselves to activities other than testimony, such as reviewing potential medical malpractice cases to determine whether the case should be litigated.

Hamilton gives this advice, “Do your research, learn what it’s really like (in real life, not television), and then decide if it’s right for you.”