Risk Management Expert Witnesses

Risk management expert witnesses may write reports and testify on enterprise risk management, financial risk management, and disaster risk management, as well as related issues. In Risk Management – 8 steps To Avoid Litigation, Mridu Bhattacharya, Jr. Project Manager in Online Promotions at SynapseIndia, writes that “Accidents, mistakes and misunderstandings can happen in any business. Some are settled amicably, others grow into full-blown disputes, and before you know it you could be facing a legal claim.”

Being sued is stressful, time-consuming and expensive. Even if you win the case the disruption to your business can outweigh any financial gains. A key objective for most businesses is to avoid being drawn into litigation in the first place and here we outline the steps freelancers can take to safeguard their business against litigation.

Eight steps to safeguard your business
1. Professional contract agreements.
No work should be done without a contract. Always have one in place that defines scope of services and terms of remuneration before you commence an assignment. Without an agreement the opportunities for misunderstanding and controversy are numerous.

2. Documentation and tracking changes.
A common source of dispute is when the client believes they have asked for a solution that does one thing only for the freelancer to deliver a solution that does another. Know who is responsible for when things go wrong. Meticulously document client requirements and be particularly vigilant when changes creep into a project – as it is easy to lose track of them. Make sure all changes are costed and signed off. These records will be of immense value in defending against legal claims.

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