Risk Assessment Expert Witness On Security Failures Part 10

In What the Defendant Can Do Wrong, risk assessment expert witness Ira Somerson, BCFE, CPP, CSC, writes on organizing security functions.

Reasons for Failure Why do organizations persist in having incidents of violent crime? Why are their employees and business invitees exposed to serious security risks? Organizations usually look for quick fixes to problems that they believe are within their area of stewardship. Having never had any serious exposure to the art and science of security management, they are likely to feel that they have the ability to conserve and protect their assets (people, information, property and reputation) without expert support. Unfortunately, “security” is usually folded in with the image of the “rent-a-cop” at the entrance or “those things that you put on doors,” etc. It’s easier to keep it simple than to admit you are vulnerable or unaware of how to manage a problem. It may also require capital investment and/or operational outlays (this will serve as an excellent rationalization for doing nothing). As with most management problems, security is a complicated problem requiring knowledge of a significant body of knowledge. Security risks do not disappear simply by buying “things” and wish it will then go away. As with all business problems it requires data to arrive at a strategic plan.