Real Estate Expert Witness On Appraisal Review Part 2

n Appraisal Review in a Litigation Support Role real estate expert witness Jack P. Friedman, Ph.D., MAI, CPA, ASA, CRE, describes how the appraisal review process and review appraiser are used effectively in litigation support.

When engaged, or rather enmeshed, in litigation, an attorney will often solicit support from a review appraiser. Typical areas of assistance the attorney needs are:

3. To provide other forms of litigation support, such as preparing courtroom exhibits and helping to frame questions to ask appraisal experts on both sides at depositions and during trial testimony.

4. To advise the attorney about standards of practice, professional codes of ethics, sources of information, other experts, and other matters that might impact the pleadings, discovery,
dismissals and pretrial judgments, settlement conference or other negotiations, and the actual trial of the case.