Mortgage Fraud Expert Witnesses & Massachusetts Case Part 1

Mortgage fraud expert witnesses may opine on occupancy fraud, income fraud, and appraisal fraud. Here, Rachel Dollar, attorney, Certified Mortgage Banker, and editor of Mortgage Fraud Blog, writes on the Massachusetts man arraigned for fraudulent mortgage transactions:
Allen Seymour, 42, Oxford, MA, was arraigned in Worcester Superior Court for his role in a complex scheme in which fraudulent documents were used to defraud homeowners and mortgage lenders in numerous real estate transactions involving distressed properties in the Worcester County, Massachusetts area.

Seymour is charged with Forgery (4 counts), Uttering (8 counts), Inducing a Lender to Part with Property (12 counts) and Larceny by False Pretenses. Massachusetts State Police have transported Seymour from federal prison in New Jersey to Massachusetts.

The charges are the result of the second phase of a two-year investigation stemming from a referral from the Massachusetts Division of Banks. The first phase of the investigation covered the alleged creation of fraudulent Verifications of Deposit, a document used to prove a borrower’s assets to a lender. Phase I of the investigation led to indictments of five individuals, including mortgage broker Erik Tancun, on a variety of charges stemming from the alleged creation of these false documents.

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