Security Expert Witness On Avoiding Security Litigation Part 1

In Security Experts: Litigation and Beyond, security expert witness Robert A. Gardner, CPP, writes:

Q. How can a security expert help me? I don’t handle security related litigation.

A. It’s true that security experts are most often retained for litigation. Expert opinions on issues of crime foreseeability, security adequacy, and security standards and practices can make or break a case. As such both plaintiff and defense attorneys are constantly in search of qualified security experts. But while the attorney who prevails for a client in litigation may be appreciated, the attorney that can keep a client out of litigation is a true hero.

Recommend that your client retain a security expert to assess security adequacy and needs before something bad happens. This proactive approach increases your client’s level of security and reduces their liability exposure. Your clients rely on you to protect them. Be proactive; be a hero.