Public Storage Security Expert Witnesses Part 2

Public storage security experts may opine on self-storage managers, public storage vandalism, miniwarehouse break-ins and related topics. In Preventing Crime and Acts of Terrorism in Self-Storage: Using Products and Services Approved for the SAFETY ActJason Benedict, Iveda Solutions writes:

Many storage operators claim their facilities are secure, but their measures often appear meager to trespassers, criminals and vandals looking to commit their next crime. Commonly used tools have their weaknesses: gate codes can be observed or distributed, alarms can experience false positives, video cameras are rarely monitored around the clock, and even well-lit perimeters and fences have their fallacies, such as missing links and broken light bulbs….

Third-Party Video Surveillance
This is one of the most impactful ways of catching criminals in the act while protecting against loss or property damage. The advancement of high-speed, broadband technology allows real-time surveillance through the Internet or “cloud computing,” at low cost of ownership. It allows third-party security providers to watch network-enabled cameras from a remote location without being seen or heard by trespassers.

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