Property Insurance Expert Witnesses

Property insurance expert witnesses may write reports and opine on flood insurance, earthquake insurance, home insurance, and related topics. Here, Sheryl Devereaux, Houston Political Buzz Examiner, reports on Texas House Committee legislation regarding property insurance:

Impassioned and expert testimony about two bills in the Texas Legislature, HB 272 and HB2818, attempting to solve problems with the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) lasted hours in hearing by the House Committee on Insurance today. The committee discussed the claims of the authors, Representatives Smithee, and Taylor respectively, to improve the psuedo-governmental agency and allow better efficiently and effectively pay out on claims.

Discussion focused upon ways to solve the failures of the organization that covers 14 coastal counties including Houston’s Harris County. The bills attempt to provide better efficiency to processing claims–that proved to be painfully sluggish after Ike, and greater transparency, including publishing the salaries of board and other employees of TWIA. The most controversial section of the bill is a clause that requires arbitration for a disputed or inefficiently processed claim rather than a law suit. One member of the panel argued that the Texas State Constitution provides the right of all citizens due process of the courts for remedy. The packed audience applauded.

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