Property Insurance Expert Witnesses

Property insurance expert witnesses may advise on issues involving insurance claims, insurance adjusters, property insurance, and related issues. In Chinese Drywall Claims Not Covered Under Homeowners Policies, plaintiff’s attorney William F. “Chip” Merlin, Jr., writes that State Farm, USAA, Allstate, and Hartford are among other insurers that refused to pay their customers for losses stemming from damages caused by defective Chinese drywall:

The Chinese Drywall coverage litigation involving first party property insurance policies has been discussed in the past. Are Chinese Drywall Problems Covered Under Property Insurance Policies? discussed the complex issues involved and warned that these losses may not be covered. FC&S Says Ensuing Loss Coverage Applies to Chinese Drywall Claims and Chinese Drywall Claims May Be Covered Under Homeowners Policy–Favorable Developments in Louisiana gave hope to the policyholders suffering form this unexpected property loss. Unfortunately, a recent opinion, In re: Chinese Manufactured Drywall: Products Liability Litigation, issued December 16, 2010, did not rule in favor of the first party policyholders.

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