Pesticides Expert Witnesses & Consumer Products Part 1

Pesticides expert witnesses may testify and provide reports on consumer products treated with pesticides:

The presence of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) in or on various items has become of increased concern to consumers. In response to these concerns, many products (e.g., cutting boards, kitchen sponges, cat litter, toothbrushes, and juvenile toys) are being treated with antimicrobial pesticides. Antimicrobial pesticides are substances or mixtures of substances used to destroy or limit the growth of microorganisms, whether bacteria, viruses, or fungi — many of which are harmful-on inanimate objects and surfaces.

Treated articles typically refers to articles or products that are treated with an antimicrobial pesticide to protect the articles or products themselves. The pesticides are usually added to the products (e.g., plastic shower curtain) during manufacture; however, they may be added after manufacture but before use of the article (e.g., incorporation of a pesticide in paint).

These treated products often make implied or explicit public health pesticidal claims to protect the public against harmful microorganisms.

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