Pest Control Expert Witness On Termites

Pest control expert witness Allan Snyder; ACGIH, AIHA, SPCI, of AFC Forensic Consulting writes on the treatment and control of termites:
PREVENTION • Building design may contribute to termite invasion.
• Keep all sub-structural wood at least 12 inches above the soil beneath the building.
• Identify and correct other structural deficiencies that attract or promote termite infestations.
• Stucco siding that reaches the ground promotes termite infestations.
• Keep attic and foundation areas well ventilated and dry.
• Use screening over attic vents and seal other openings, such as knotholes and cracks, to discourage the entry of winged drywood termites.
• Look for and remove tree stumps, stored lumber, untreated fence posts, and buried scrap wood near the structure that may attract termites.
• Construct sand barriers for subterranean termite control.
• Sand with particle sizes in the range of 10 to 16 mesh is used to replace soil around the foundation of a building and sometimes in the crawl space.
• Subterranean termites are unable to construct their tunnels through the sand and therefore cannot invade wooden structures resting on the foundation.
• Stainless steel screening may also be available soon as a physical barrier for subterranean termites.