Handwriting Expert Witness Evidence & Frye Hearing Part 2

After being convicted of premeditated first degree murder, Jeremy Hull took his case to the Minnesota Supreme Court. The reason the defense is appealing the case has to do primarily with their belief that the Mille Lacs County District Court should have granted a Frye hearing in regards to fingerprinting and handwriting evidence.

Assistant Minnesota Attorney General Kimberly Parker argued that a Frye hearing is for novel or emerging techniques and that the report Carlson referred to is not novel or emerging and that it’s the burden of the defense to prove there is novel or emerging techniques. “There’s nothing new here,” she said. But a judge countered that the report is saying the technique is in question and not necessarily valid. The assistant attorney general also pointed out that the defense had an opportunity at trial to attack the handwriting issue, but they did not provide handwriting expert witness testimony to say it wasn’t his handwriting.

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