Paralegal Knowledge Institute Webinars On Legal Ethics

The Paralegal Knowledge Institute is presenting Practical Legal Ethics (Four Webinars)

Live Webinars Designed Specifically for Paralegals
Every year, more and more paralegals are facing critical ethical decisions and more and more responsibility for alleged negligence. In a litigious society, no one is immune. Knowing what is required and how to identify problems before they happen is vital.

This intensive ethics program will provide you with proactive strategies for spotting and avoiding potential areas of liability. Find out how simple changes to your routine can make ethical legal practices second nature – enroll today!

Confidentiality – Wednesday, May 15th
Conflict of Interest – Wednesday, May 23rd
Unauthorized Practice of Law – Wednesday, May 30th
IOLTA, Overzealousness & Advertising – Wed, June 6th

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