Packaging Expert Witness On Crate Litigation

In How Attorneys Should Choose Crate Experts, packaging expert witness Sterling Anthony, CPP, writes:

An attorney involved with crate litigation might readily recognize the need for a packaging expert, yet, not be sufficiently aware of the specific knowledge and capabilities that best qualify that expert. Crates are unique among packaging types, owing to factors related to materials, construction, loading, logistics, and unloading. Even when a crate is said to have been built in accordance with a national specification or an industry standard, the aforementioned factors combine for particularity. Besides, the majority of crates are designed by the shipper or by a supplier, with varying regard to a national specification or an industry standard, further contributing to the uniqueness of every crate.

As such, whether the crate litigation alleges personal injury or cargo lost, the right packaging expert is one who brings the expertise and experience necessary to: understand the attorney’s theory of the facts; educate and advise the attorney in the many intricacies; and, analyze, opine,
and communicate with uncompromised honesty and professionalism.