Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness Opines in Hospital Case

Boston orthopedic surgery expert witness Dr. Brian Awbrey testified Wednesday that a succession of issues would have been avoided if Dubuque podiatrist Dr. Michael Arnz had avoided his use of a circular frame. Daniel Day is seeking monetary damages from The Finley Hospital. “There would have been no infection of the tibia, and we wouldn’t be here today,” Dr. Awbrey said. A former team doctor for the New England Revolution professional soccer team, Awbrey testified as an expert witness for Day’s attorneys. THonline also reports:

Day subsequently developed osteomyelitis, a serious bone infection that required four surgical procedures to remove dead bone. ‘The exposure of these additional risks (from the pins of the circular frame) is what led to his osteomyelitis directly,’ Awbrey said. Awbrey testified it would be unwise to operate on Day’s foot or tibia in the future, because any procedure would run the risk of reawakening any dormant osteomyelitis. However, on cross-examination, Awbrey did admit that a leg amputation could be performed and that this procedure would eliminate the risk of future osteomyelitis.