Optimizing Your Engineering Expert Witness’s Testimony #3

In Get the Most From Engineering Experts, Christopher L. Brinkley writes on how thorough preparation of engineering expert witnesses is the key to winning your case. In this excerpt Brinkley discusses challenges you may face regarding their expert witness testimony.

It is good practice for the expert to conduct his or her analyses in a manner that will satisfy a Daubert challenge. The expert should rely on materials and methods that are used by engineers working in the relevant industry. These include:
1) industry or government treatises, studies, and other publications referencing applicable engineering principals 2) engineering and design and performance standards related to the product at issue 3) engineering reports and drawings related to the product at issue, similar products, and products with alternative designs 4) patents related to the product at issue and improved designs

More to follow…….
Excerpted from Trial Magazine, November 2007