Nightclubs Expert Witnesses Part 2

Nightclubs expert witnesses may opine on bar security, lounge security, and night club security. Consumer’s Guide to Nightclub Safety describes what should people do to ensure their own safety:
Do you know what the military does to ensure that teams achieve their aims? They establish rendezvous points. Pick a well defined area outside the nightclub to meet up with your friends. Then when there is an emergency, be sure to see them at your rendezvous point.

Do you know where the exits are? Before you enter a nightclub you should have an understanding of where the closest exit doors are. Are the exits distinctly marked and well lighted? If the exit paths are blocked, report the violation to management and leave the building if they do not listen to you. Then make sure to register a complaint with your local fire marshal.

Do you feel secure? Does the establishment look to be overcrowded? Do you see electric receptacles that seem like they have been incorrectly maintained? Are there safety systems implemented like sprinklers, security lights and smoke alarms? Does the venue participate in the Club Watch Community Connection patron protection and violence prevention initiative? Ask the nightclub management about your concerns. If you do not think you are safe in the building, don’t stay inside the business.

Spending a few moments to learn about the principles we’ve covered here will allow you to know what you need to do if an unanticipated event happens.

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