Dance Club Security Expert Witness & The Business Security Test Part 4

In THE BUSINESS SECURITY TEST, nightclub security expert witness Robert A. Gardner, CPP, writes that “no business is totally immune from the threat of crime but a little prior planning and a few common sense precautions are all that is necessary to deter most criminals.”

1. Are accessible windows protected by heavy screen or bars?

2. Are unused windows permanently sealed?

3. Are bars and screens securely mounted?

4. Are window locks designed or located so they cannot be defeated by merely breaking out the glass?

5. Is burglary resistant glazing used whenever possible?

6. Is valuable property removed from unprotected windows after hours?

Other Openings
1. Have skylights been protected by bars or polycarbonate glazing?

2. Are roof hatches securely locked?

3. Are ventilator shafts, air conditioning ducts and fan openings adequately protected with bars or wire mesh?

4. Do you check panic hardware regularly to insure that it is properly closed and in good working order?

5. If there are common attics, has some provision been made to prevent access through them?