Nightclub Security Expert Witness & The Business Security Test Part 3

In THE BUSINESS SECURITY TEST, nightclub security expert witness Robert A. Gardner, CPP, writes that “no business is totally immune from the threat of crime but a little prior planning and a few common sense precautions are all that is necessary to deter most criminals.”

1. Have you secured all unused doors?

2. Is glass in back doors and concealed or secluded locations protected by bars or heavy screen?

3. Are all doors designed so that the lock release cannot be reached by breaking out glass or light-weight panels?

4. Do exposed hinges have non-removable pins?

5. Is a good quality deadbolt lock used whenever possible?

6. Is the lock designed or the door frame constructed so that the door cannot be forced open by spreading the frame?

7. Is the bolt protected so that it cannot be cut?

8. Is the outside lock cylinder protected from twisting or prying?

9. Is the lock a cylinder type with at least a five pin tumbler?

10. Are keys issued only to persons who actually need them?

11. Are doors with panic hardware properly secured after hours?

12. Are padlocks locked in place when the door is unlocked?

13. Are hasps made of hardened steel with non-removable screws?