Nightclub Expert Witnesses & Security

Nightclub expert witnesses may opine on bar security, lounge security, and night club security. Consumer’s Guide to Nightclub Safety writes:

Every day violent murders, stabbings and significant brawls occur at nightclubs throughout the nation. Can nightclub managers protect their customers from these dangerous incidents? The answer is dependent upon whether they are serious regarding their security and whether they have the correct tools and coaching, but consumers and patrons of nightclubs usually do not have any idea what security methodologies and technologies exist at a nightclub. So what should people do to ensure their own safety?

Critical questions you should ask yourself prior to you enter any nightclub:

Should you enter? For example, does the building seem to be in a condition that makes you feel comfortable going inside? When envisioning a calamity, do you think the primary entrance will allow for enough patrons to get away rapidly? Has the region immediately surrounding the nightclub been kept up? Do you have a communication plan? Be ready and have an individual you know available in the event you cannot find your companions.

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