Night Club Security Expert Witness On Security Risks Part 2

In Security for Bars, Taverns and Nightclubs, night club security expert witness Ralph Witherspoon, CPP, CSC, writes:


Some establishments have a history of fights or violence. These taverns or clubs often cater to a younger, more risk prone crowd. Trendy nightclubs, especially on weekends, may have long lines of young persons eager to get into the current “hot spot.” Some bars and nightclubs located near colleges and universities attract young (and frequently underage) people, who then often engage in “binge drinking” or other risky behavior. The playing of pop music, especially by a live band or DJ (often involving a pounding beat), may also be a risk factor since it often creates an atmosphere of intense physical activity, sometimes even reckless abandon. A flashing strobe light show or similar “enhancements” may also heighten the atmosphere, and the risk!

What are your risks (in dollars) for criminal or negligent acts by your employees or on your property? or, direct costs/loss for such acts? or, litigation costs? or, loss of reputation and customers?