Neurology Expert Witnesses & Concussions

Neurology expert witnesses may consult on closed head injuries, dementia, epilepsy, headache, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, head trauma, and related neurological conditions. Private MD Labs reported on a new study this week regarding a possible link between multiple concussions and plaque buildup associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The American Academy of Neurology published the research results of Dr. Michelle Mielke and her team of scientists work with older adults in Olmsted County, MN.

One of the biggest perils of concussions is second impact syndrome; a new concussion is received before the first one has healed. Concussions have been prevalent in sports news. In 2011 interviews about head injuries, The AP reported 23 of 44 NFL players said they would try to conceal a possible concussion rather than drop out of a game.