Medical Expert Witnesses Central to Hazing Case

Chico State students Chris Bizot and Mike Murphy and Butte College student Matthew Krupp face charges for hazing pledges in 2007. All three belonged to Beta Theta Pi, a fraternity that lost university and international recognition after the police were contacted about hazing activities. Bizot’s lawyer, Bill Mayo has requested the names of medical expert witnesses used in the prosecution’s argument saying he wants time to bring in his own expert witnesses to argue for the defense. also reports:

Krupp, Murphy and Bizot allegedly forced pledges to submerge themselves to their necks in a bathtub filled with ice water, locked them in a stairwell closet, threw beer and “other disgusting things” at them and forced them to run through mud and do calisthenics, District Attorney Mike Ramsey said….Although these activities may be humiliating, there was no risk of serious bodily injury and they can’t be considered hazing under the current definition, Mayo said…”It’s a new case, it’s a new law and these guys are really trying to stretch it and make the shoe fit,” Mayo said.