Medical Expert Witness Testifies In Case Of 5-Week-Old Victim

A twelve year old boy accused of killing his 5-week-old cousin, Millan Young, is on trial in Cobb County, Ga. “I believe it’s a homicide,” said Dr. Brian Frist, Cobb County’s chief medical examiner. “It is consistent with the child being held, shaken and eventually the head being struck against some hard object.” The medical expert witness said no medical condition could have caused all of the injuries he saw, and that if the baby had been this severely injured before being placed in the car, anyone would have noticed.

Autopsy photos show that the 6-pound, 9-ounce baby sustained two kinds of brain hemorrhages, retinal hemorrhages, bruises on her mouth and body, and unrelated fractures on opposite sides of her skull. The medical examiner said he believes the injuries weren’t accidental because they were so widespread.

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