General Surgery Expert Witness Opines On “Error Of Judgment”

A Sheffield, UK, man bled to death in the hospital after an “error of judgment” by an experienced surgeon, an inquest has ruled. Andrew Vernon, aged 38, of Moorwinstow Croft, Dore, died after Dr. Dermot Gleeson tried to take a sample of what he thought was a polyp in his stomach, but instead split what was in fact a high pressured ‘varix’ vein.

Deputy Coroner Judith Naylor recorded the fatality as death by misadventure after an independent general surgery expert witness told the inquest Dr. Gleeson’s actions were a “significant error of clinical judgment.” Dr. Jonathan Green, the independent expert assigned by the inquest to investigate the death, said “stalk like” formation of varix veins were rare – but still “well described” in books. He added everything possible had been done to save Mr Vernon’s life. Coroner Naylor said: “I fear Dr. Gleeson made an error of judgment.”

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