Medical Expert Witness On Direct Examination Part 1

In Preparing an Expert Witness for Direct Examination: Time for a Pep Talk, medical expert witness Dr. Burton Bentley of Elite Medical Experts LLC writes:

From the perspective of the expert witness, direct examination is not a particularly enjoyable process. The adversarial environment, intensity of focus, and technical nature of the data all combine to add stress to an already demanding situation. Experts themselves also may have some degree of self-doubt, a subliminal fear of being placed under scrutiny magnified by the inherent human tendency to avoid criticizing others. In the absence of a focused mind, even the staunchest expert may melt under the spotlight of skillful direct examination. Consequently, an astute litigator must understand the perspective of the expert and then reinforce the skills that will lead to the expert’s success. Toward this end, a basic pep talk is a good place to begin.