Medical Expert Witness Describes Top Medical Experts

Medical expert witness Dr. Burton Bentley II, M.D., FAAEM, is President of Elite Medical Experts, LLC., and specializes in securing leading experts from the nation’s top universities. In Who really has the top medical experts? Dr. Bentley writes:

The success or failure of any medical negligence case rests squarely upon the medical facts, yet it is the competence of the testifying expert that ultimately allows those facts to be discovered and voiced. Consequently, the starting point of any successful outcome must be the selection of the best expert witness. Whether opining for the plaintiff or the defense, the litigator with the top medical expert secures a strong competitive advantage.

The first step in selecting an expert is to assure the strength of his or her credentials. In general, however, most credible experts have graduated from a US medical school and have attended a US residency program for specialty training. Those that attend top-tier schools such as Ivy League universities may have an intangible perception of elevated credibility based solely upon their credentials. Experts should be in full-time practice both presently and at the time of the alleged negligence, though exceptional experts may have additional fellowship training or publications within the specific area of medicine which they are addressing. Experts should have extensive clinical experience which manifests itself in professionalism, confidence, and fluency.

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