Mechanical Engineering Expert On Robots Part 2

In Moving On Their Own Ahmed K. Noor, mechanical engineering expert and Director of the Center for Advanced Engineering Environments, writes on mobile robots:

Military and security organizations use robots to assist in dangerous situations. In space exploration, robots have been used as planetary probes, orbiters, and rovers. Robots have a significant role in medical and health care fields-helping surgeons achieve more precision in the operating room, and performing safer, less-invasive surgeries.

We are now entering a new age of robotics. Increasing computing power and AI advances are making robots considerably more useful, and rapidly expanding their fields of application. Above all, robots are becoming ever more reliable and autonomous. Indeed, networks of intelligent, autonomous robots promise to become the next disruptive technology…

The estimated number of industrial robots installed worldwide, according to World Robotics, a report published by the International Federation of Robotics, is more than one million-50 percent in Asia and Australia, 33 percent in Europe, and 17 percent in North America.