Marketing Strategy Expert Witnesses Part 1

Marketing strategy expert witnesses may opine on market analysis, market barriers, market research, and market share. Here, marketing strategy experts at the American Marketing Association (AMA) and ReadyTalk offer Web Event Best Practices:

A successful web event can help strengthen a company’s brand awareness, increase exposure in the market, and generate qualified sales leads. If done right, it can elevate an organization’s credibility and reinforce its position as an industry thought leader. However, running a high-profile web event can be intimidating and challenging.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) and ReadyTalk have produced hundreds of effective web events and have learned that the best results are achieved through advanced planning and treating web events with the same care traditionally reserved for in-person events.

In this guide, ReadyTalk and the AMA share best practices, tools and samples for planning and executing a successful web event. Use this information-packed document as a supplemental guide to help make web events a great experience for you and your audience.