Marketing Strategy Expert Witnesses Part 3

Marketing strategy expert witnesses may opine on market analysis, market barriers, market research, and market share. Here, marketing strategy experts at the American Marketing Association (AMA) and ReadyTalk offer Web Event Best Practices:

Best Practice #2: Define the Audience & Deliver Value, Not a Sales Pitch

Clearly articulate the target audience for the web event and don’t try to reach too broad of an audience with a single event. What is their job function? What is their geographic location? What are their key pain points and business problems? Then, design the event from the ground up to meet the needs of this target audience.

Keep their geographic location(s) in mind when scheduling the time for the event. For example, don’t schedule it for the afternoon Eastern Time if you are trying to reach an audience in Europe or for the morning Eastern Time if your target attendees are on the West Coast.

Select a topic that will catch the target audience’s attention and entice them to register for and attend the event. Position yourself as an industry thought-leader and deliver highly relevant content of value to the audience. The event should be more than a thinly-veiled sales pitch or product demonstration–events of this nature will be perceived as such and greatly decrease audience attendance and engagement.

Consider offering an additional value-add to encourage registrants to attend; for example, offer attendees a free research report or chapter from a book that is relevant to the target audience.