Marketing Expert Witnesses

Marketing expert witnesses may opine on marketing effectiveness, marketing research, marketing strategy, and more. At Expert, Rosalie Hamilton provides methods for experts to find prospective attorneys, companies and insurers that need their expert consultant services. At, attorney Elliott Wilcox, lead trial lawyer in nearly 200 jury trials and numerous non-jury trials, writes Tips for Testifying. Mr. Wilcox cautions that this is just a quick primer.

Don’t get rushed. Get into the pattern of “Question – Pause – Answer.” By ensuring that you pause after each question (regardless of the question’s difficulty) you’ll avoid getting pushed into rapidly answering the defense attorney’s questions.

Talk to individual jurors, not “the jury.” Make eye contact with individuals. Think “conversation,” not “soliloquy.”

Remember that you’re always on stage. Maintain a serious composure before and after you testify. The jurors might see you as you drive into the courthouse, in the hallways as you wait to testify, or after you’ve finished testifying.

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