Marketing Strategy Expert Witness On The Global Marketplace Part 2

In Creating a Sales Presence in the Global Marketplace, marketing strategy expert witness Glen Balzer writes:

When a company begins discussion about creating a sales presence in a foreign market, each member of the executive team probably has a different reason for expanding internationally. Sales may seek greater total available market. Manufacturing may prize greater volume across which to spread its fixed cost. Marketing might wish greater market share. Research and Development might crave better visibility into the foreign market. Finance may welcome the opportunity to reduce financial risk by spreading revenue across uncorrelated markets. Engineering may seek the opportunity to create an alliance with a foreign customer or competitor. If the project is to succeed, the executive team must develop and agree to a shared purpose.

Various groups must buy into the foreign market expansion, since those groups will be required to provide resources for the project. Ensure that all groups are prepared to offer resources. More important, confirm that all groups actually buy into the project. For best results, ensure that each group responsible for applying resources in the foreign market actually feels as though it owns its respective piece of the project.

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