Marketing Expert & Keeping Your Small Business Going Part 1

Marketing expert Rosalie Hamilton offers this article on her website: Keeping Your Small Business Going After Surgery, by Dr. Jean Murray.

I wanted to tell you about my experience and give you some suggestions for getting through with your health and your business intact.

1. Plan and work ahead. This sounds obvious, but it takes some doing. For my freelance writing, I write content that includes a blog and articles every week. I worked hard before surgery to get ahead at least 5 days, so I didn’t have to worry about writing from my hospital bed. With other writing jobs, I anticipated what had to be done and did as much as I could beforehand. Sure, it made double work in some cases, but it helped a lot not to have to worry about things not getting done.

2. Communicate with everyone. I sent out emails to clients, editors, vendors, everyone I could think of. People are incredibly understanding if you let them know what is going on. It’s much better to inform people you won’t be able to communicate than to leave them wondering what happened to you.

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