Long Term Disability Insurance Expert Witnesses

Long term disability insurance expert witnesses may opine on disability income insurance, state disability insurance, disability insurance benefits, and related topics. In How To Prepare For Your Disability Hearing, Insurance News writes on the hearing process and what to expect:

You’ll probably be in a room with the judge, a hearing assistant who will record the proceedings, any witnesses and, if you have one, your SSDI representative. The Administrative Law Judge also may ask medical or vocational experts to attend and offer their opinions. The medical expert, a doctor, will review your medical records and give his or her opinion about your testimony. The vocational expert will respond to hypothetical questions from the judge about any limitations related to your ability to work.

The ALJ may ask questions about your disability, pain level, and how your disability affects you life. They usually won’t ask technical questions because this information is in your file. When you answer questions, don’t just explain your medical condition. Instead, thoroughly describe how your condition affects your life. For example, tell the judge if you are unable to sit, stand, walk or concentrate. Do not exaggerate your condition.

Following the hearing, it may take several months for the ALJ to render a decision. Many claimants are awarded at the hearing level. But if the claim is denied, claimants still have the option of moving forward with a disability appeal to the Appeals Council.

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