Liability Insurance Expert Witnesses & Small Business Liability Insurance Part 3

Liability insurance expert witnesses may write reports and opine on commercial liability policies, professional liability insurance, and small business liability insurance. On the website Everything Small Business, find the article Small Business Liability Insurance – The 4 Types That You Need To Protect Your Business:

1. General liability insurance protects you against general liability claims as is described in the name. It protects against libel and slander, negligence that results in injuries, property damage caused by an worker, bodily injuries to customers, visitors, customers, workers, or anyone else coming onto your property (FYI, even “trespassers” on your property can sue for bodily injuries incurred on your property, even if they were not legally supposed to be there!) and can even cover infringement on intellectual property.

Purchase this kind of plan if your business needs protection against any of these types of claims (and if you are an astute business person, you will want to be protected every way possible.)

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