Liability Insurance Expert Witnesses & BOPs

Liability insurance expert witnesses may testify on personal liability insurance, business liability insurance, and related topics. In Small Business Liability Insurance – The 4 Types That You Need To Protect Your Business, writes:

Business Owner’s Policies, also known as BOPs, are policies that are many types of liability put together into one policy. The contents of one of these policies can be custom made by the agent as to what a business owner needs.

For example, other types of small business liability include Storekeepers Liability Insurance, Uninsured Motorists Coverage (because you never know what might happen!) Landlords and Tenants Liability Insurance Policy, Employers Liability and Compensation, Commercial General Liability Insurance, Physicians, Surgeons and Dentists Professional Liability, and Manufacturers and contractors Liability.

Just as health insurance for small business is vital to the owner to protect the business entity, these types of insurances also work to protect the business against loss in the event of a third party claim. The type of business one owns will determine the type of insurance plans you will purchase.

Self-insured Retention can be negotiated in events where several policies are required. This means that the entity that is being insured will self-defend smaller claims as well as self-insure the smaller claims. This is a riskier type of insurance for insurers as well as the insured, but it can cut down on liability premiums.

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