Legal Nurse Consultants As Expert Witnesses Part 2

Elizabeth G. Rudolph, lawyer, nurse and legal nurse consultant, is the founder of Memphis-based Jurex Center for Legal Nurse Consulting. Rudolf writes on nurses as expert witnesses:

“What’s nice is this is an opportunity for nurses to expand their careers,” Rudolph said. “That’s the new part for nurses. They have this beautiful wealth of nursing knowledge, and this is an opportunity for nurses to expand their knowledge beyond the hospitals and clinics and review medical records and/or testify in cases.” Rudolph said she started Jurex because she recognized the demand for more nurse legal experts and the need to establish more training programs. “There are thousands of court cases filed every day in every jurisdiction,” she said.

The nursing expertise needed for particular cases can vary. “I’ve been an attorney 20 years and have certainly litigated lots of cases,” Rudolph said. “It depends on the type of case and the witness, the expert witness, so it’s not always shear number of years that matters. “It can be sometimes the clinical experience. Sometimes it is the persuasiveness of the expert witness. Sometimes it is the knowledge base. It is the findings of the expert witness. There are many components that go into why I would, for example, as an attorney want one PLNC or another.”

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