Law Enforcement Expert Witness On The Most Credible Witness Part 2

Law enforcement expert witness, attorney, and former police chief Andy Hall writes:

An Expert Witness is someone who the court recognizes as an authority on a specific topic. In order to be accepted as an expert witness, the court will require the expert to present his/her qualifications under oath so that the judge and jury can determine how much weight should be placed on the expert’s testimony.

An Expert Witness is essential in Litigation arising from these types of issues:

1. -Monell Liability 2. -Police policy, procedure, and professional conduct 3. -Use of force 4. -Detention and Arrest 5. -Interview and Interrogation 6. -Investigative policy and practice 7. -Training policy and Training management, and adequacy 8. -Police pursuit driving 9. -Reasonableness of off-duty police conduct 10. -Department policy, practices and procedures