Latex Allergy Expert Witnesses & Latex-Safe Emergency Care Part 2

Latex allergy expert witnesses may opine on latex allergies, latex hypersensitivity, and related issues. In How Do I Prepare for Latex-Safe Emergency Care?, Gerri Rivers, EMT-1, Quad Cities Support Network Chairperson and member of the American Latex Allergy Association writes:

3. “Flag” your address on your area 9-1-1 enhanced system (if available). They may resist, but you should insist! Call your local EMS, police or fire department for the correct number or person to talk to.

4. Discuss with your allergist any personal latex-safe medical supply needs. Your personal Advanced Life Support jump kit may include such things as ET tubes (which require a doctor’s prescription), IV tubing, cardiac monitor electrodes and a bag-valve mask, non-latex tourniquet, and non-latex gloves in various sizes. You may not need all of these things, but better to have something and not need it than need something and not have a latex-free product. Make sure to notify you local EMS of what you have and where it is kept. Even if your local EMS has latex-safe supplies, other EMS away from home may not.

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