Computer Forensics Expert Witness On Hacking Part 1

In I’ve Been Hacked! What Do I Do Now?, computer forensics expert witness Steven G. Burgess, Burgess Consulting and Forensics, writes:

It’s not really possible to be online and be 100% protected from hacking, but there are numerous measures you can take to make it not worth most anyone’s time. They include:

DO use effective passwords. A good guide is at the Perfect Passwords page at Gibson Research Corporation’s website.

DO secure your router – especially your wireless router. The manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider can help you with the best settings for your particular equipment.

DO keep your operating system and antivirus patches updated.

DON’T give out your Social Security number or use it as an ID. You usually only have to give it to your employer, your financial institution and government agencies.

DO disable your Guest account on your computer.

DON’T make your personal info public on social networks or elsewhere.

DON’T open email from people you don’t know.

DON’T click on links embedded in emails.

DON’T make online purchases from sites you don’t know well.

DO use a firewall (hardware and/or software).

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