Internet Expert Witness Opines Re: Cyber-Pirate’s Website #2

More on v. Musselman:
U.S. District Court Judge Maxine Chesney awarded $780,000 in damages against convicted Cyber-Pirate Mark Musselman and his website, Internet expert witness Carole Levitt stated that “Searchsystems was an original and unique website which defendants copied–both the content and organization–and thus violated Search Systems intellectual property rights.” California News Wire reports Pacific Information Resources, Inc.’s President/CEO Tim Koster, whose Thousand Oaks, California company operates as stating :

‘Hundreds of thousands of consumers have discovered, in purchasing their ‘public records access subscriptions’ from websites such as courtsonline .org, websherlock .com, detectivechoice .com, webinvestigator .org, restrictedonly .com, cisworldwide .com and datahounddetective .com, that eventually their subscription does not ‘work.’ Their access to the full data base is ultimately denied,’ Koster explained. ‘These confused consumers do not realize that they purchased their subscriptions from a website that had no authorization to sell access to Search Systems’ content.’ In response to the flood of e-mails from angry and confused consumers, initiated a series of lawsuits against these alleged cyber-pirates….
‘Our website pioneered the concept of providing easy access to online public records,’ Koster continued. ‘We work hard daily to add to our database and keep our information current. Not only does cyber-piracy damage us and defraud consumers, but the presence of such a large number of these sites creates a public perception that all public records web sites are ‘scams’.’