Insurance Fraud Expert Witnesses Part 2

Insurance fraud expert witnesses may consult on the insurance industry, health insurance, disability insurance, and affiliated matters. On December 14, 2011, the Illinois Department of Insurance issued this press release:

The Illinois Department of Insurance Uncovers Company Selling Fraudulent Health Insurance – Department Offers Advice on How to Avoid Scam Insurance Plans

The Department also offers advice on dealing with offers of health insurance:

• Ask if the insurance company is registered with the Department and if the Department has approved the plan. State law requires insurance companies to be licensed by the Department and prohibits a health insurance policy from being sold unless it has been approved by the Department. Call the Department toll-free at (877) 527-9431 to determine whether the insurance company offering the plan is licensed.
• Beware of misleading or exaggerated promises. Look out for phrases such as “Special offer,” “Limited enrollment,” “Guaranteed benefits,” or “Affordable health coverage.”

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