Insurance Fraud Expert Witness On Crash Claim

Insurance fraud expert witness Barry Zalma shares this from Reports of Convictions From the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud:

The sisters should’ve at least coordinated their stories before making their insurance claims.
Jackeline Morales and Gloria Perez claimed they crashed into each other at Interstate 495 South, in Haverhill, Mass. But neither remembered the color of the other’s car, prosecutors say. Nor could they remember if the crash happened while they were getting onto or off the highway, or other details.

Morales and Perez finally admitted they were sisters and that the crash only happened on paper; no bumpers ever bumped. They were among six more suspects charged with staging real or paper crashes to bilk auto insurers with bogus injury claims. Some 350 suspects have been charged with staging crashes in the Lawrence area since the city began cracking down on accident rings. It’s a coordinated and successful joint effort by the Lawrence police and Massachusetts fraud bureau.