Insurance Expert Witnesses & Replacement Cost

Insurance expert witnesses may write reports and opine on property insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and insurance companies. In the wake of homes destroyed throughout the country, attorneys at Alvarez & Barbara, LLP, explain replacement cost and extended replacement cost:

Unfortunately, many of those homeowners will soon discover that their insurance won’t cover all of their rebuilding cost.

Replacement cost. This covers the cost of repairing or replacing your home, based on a set dollar amount. However, one of the problems with this coverage is that it often times does not reflect the increase in the cost of construction and labor since you took out your policy in your community. If your community is destroyed by a natural disaster, then that means that there could be higher demand for such construction and labor needs, and that will inevitably push up the cost of repairing and replacing your home.

Extended replacement cost. Here, the insurance company agrees to pay a certain percentage above the replacement cost to account for inflation. So, for instance, if your replacement cost coverage is $250,000, extended replacement cost coverage will pay up to 120% of that, or $300,000. However, even with that additional percentage of coverage afforded for purposes of assisting and paying for the replacement cost, if you have not adjusted your numbers in sometime, you may still fall short in the event of a catastrophic disaster.

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