Insurance Expert Witness On Professional Liability Insurance

Insurance expert witness Jim Leatzow has been educating and insuring professionals about the risks to their businesses for twenty years. At his website he offers “Common Questions and Their Answers” to professionals in the green design industry, e.g. landscape architects, arborists, and irrigation designers:

Here’s answers to a few of the most common questions people have regarding risk management for landscape architecture professionals in our FAQ section.

Why do I even need professional liability (E&O) insurance?
If your work products include designs, opinions, studies and similar information, you can only cover the risk/exposure from those work products with professional liability. General liability does not cover them and generally excludes them.

Why do I need to use a written contract?
If trouble arises even years later relating to a project in which you participated, you will need strong evidence to prove what your exact obligations were. A written contract with your customer’s signature provides that evidence and is legally enforceable. Absent such a document, you have trouble proving what you were hired to do versus others on the project.

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