Insurance Expert Witness On Healthcare Insurance Part 1

In The Second Coming Of Healthcare Insurance, insurance expert witness Stephen George, MBA-HA, writes:

The business of health care has always been about financing predictable costs. America’s success has always been about her ability to adapt. Adapting to soaring insurance costs is expensive for consumers. In the past, insurance plans were far easier to understand. The market is responding like never before with affordable insurance, hybrid insurance and non-insurance discount plans. We have reached the price point where employers are abandoning benefits. Even large employers are feeling the pinch, but that pinch is a shove for individuals and small employers struggling to buy insurance. It’s not like you have to walk on water to understand these new plans, but praying for guidance is a good idea. Buyers take heed that your plan may exclude catastrophic loss.

This reprint by permission of The Self-Insurer and The Self-Insurer’s Publishing Corp. as it appeared in the July, 2007 Edition