Insurance Expert On Life Insurance

In Defy Popular Perception: Overcome the Life Insurance Taboo, insurance expert Philip E. Harriman, CLU, CHCF, 2007 MDRT President, partner with Lebel and Harriman LLP, writes:

The trend in today’s financial planning industry is to avoid talking about life insurance and, instead, focus on investments. Yet talking only about investing assets leaves out a major aspect of planning – how do you grow and protect those assets? The answer is still life insurance. …

Due to this new trend, fewer and fewer advisors have life insurance expertise. This is not an evolution of the business; instead, it does our clients a disservice.

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For over thirty years, Phil Harriman has worked with family-held and nonprofit businesses in the areas of retirement planning, business continuation arrangements and estate planning. He started his career with Maine Governor James B. Longley’s insurance agency in 1977. In 1983, he and Michael A. Lebel formed an independent insurance and investment brokerage firm – Lebel & Harriman, LLP.