Insurance Expert On A Black Hole In Health Insurance

Insurance expert William S. Custer, Ph.D. writes on a black hole in health insurance:

Many of my fellow boomers have lost jobs during the recession. But the chances of our landing a new position with good benefits appear as steep as winning a lottery. And we tend to have more health conditions than younger people. “They are the most vulnerable of the uninsured,” says the health insurance expert at at Georgia State University. This group has more health needs, he adds, and “if laid off, they have a harder time finding a similar job.”

“The individual insurance market has never been very good,” says Cheryl Matheis, an AARP senior vice president. “It has become increasingly discriminatory” as insurers cherry-pick only the healthiest individuals, Matheis adds. Reform will greatly help people 50 and older, she says, by eliminating these insurance company practices.