Insurance Claims Expert Witnesses & Auto Insurance Fraud Part 3

Insurance claims expert witnesses may opine on insurance policy interpretation, insurance fraud, and related topics. In 8 Great Ways to Get Busted for Auto Insurance Fraud, writes:

4. Claim whiplash from an accident when you don’t have bumper damage.

(Bonus points if you weren’t even hit from behind.) SIU accident investigators can tell what kind of damage you and your car are likely to sustain from a collision. If you weren’t hit hard enough or from the right angle, they’ll know you’re making a false auto insurance claim.

5. Add a few cousins or friends who weren’t in the car to your accident claim.

The accident investigators will immediately be suspicious if accounts of a collision differ. If what you say changes, or doesn’t agree with the police report and accounts of the other driver and any witnesses, it won’t be good.

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